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Snipe Women’s World Championship

The Women’s Snipe World Championship is scheduled to take place in Valencia Mar from 3th to 8th October.

Valencia is widely regarded as the top regatta course in the world, owing to its unique weather conditions, including consistent temperatures and stable weather patterns, as well as its linear and flat coastline.

Similarly, Valencia Mar has established itself as a premier regatta base, with the ability to host major nautical events thanks to its excellent facilities, ideal weather conditions, and unwavering support for water sports.

The Snipe, which was designed in 1931, quickly became the world’s largest class only five years later. The first World Championship was held in 1946, while the inaugural Women’s World Championship took place in Yokohama, Japan in 1994.

Our aim is to attract over 100 participants from more than 15 countries for the upcoming World Women’s Snipe Championship, featuring globally recognised top athletes.

Since 1931, sailing enthusiasts have favoured the Snipe class for its ability to cater to different levels of competition, from local and regional to international fleets. Furthermore, the Snipe is an affordable and easy-to-obtain vessel that requires a high degree of skill and strategy, and it is currently sailed in 30 countries worldwide.

2023 Edition

From 3th to 8th October