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Sailing Club Valencia Mar

Valencia Mar has announced the establishment of the Valencia Mar Sailing Club in 2022, as part of its growth strategy to support the development of various sports activities in Valencia Mar. These activities include the Winter Camp, the Windsurfer Valencia Mar Festival, and the European Circuit event of the 69F class, as well as the support for sailor Juan Merediz in his personal challenge to prepare for the Global Solo Challenge regatta in September 2023.

Valencia Mar has proven to be an excellent regatta base after the success of the first edition of the Valencia Mar 69F Cup regattas, which took place in ideal weather conditions and with the full support of the marina. Following the success of the competition, the organisers have announced that the great European circuit will be held again in 2023, further cementing Valencia Mar’s position as a top location for large nautical events. The II Edition of the Valencia Mar 69F Cup regattas will take place from April 26-30, featuring a new competition format that will showcase all the speed and adrenaline in a single week.

Additionally, the marina will host the Women’s Snipe World Championship from August 29 to September 3 this year.

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