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Valencia Mar - Amarres puerto naútico

Services at Valencia Mar

Valencia Mar offers an exceptional combination of high-quality features and pontoon mooring services, all at incredible prices that are available year-round.

Our marina is dedicated to providing a wide range of services and amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all our guests.


Our marina features moorings with high-quality pontoons and electricity that can accommodate up to 1,000 amps. We also provide covered parking for up to 500 vehicles and storage rooms ranging up to 140 square metres located just a few metres from the boats.

Our amenities include bathrooms complete with changing rooms, as well as Wi-Fi access throughout the marina. For added security, we have closed-circuit video surveillance and an electric charger for cars.

Additionally, we have a multipurpose classroom available to meet a variety of needs.

Amarre con finger en Valencia Mar

Valencia Mar’s facilities are designed to accommodate boats ranging in length from 8 to 120 metres, with a strong emphasis on ensuring the comfort and safety of our guests. One of our standout features is our “pontoon” mooring service, which allows for safer and more accessible berthing and unberthing manoeuvres.

Additionally, our marina offers a variety of services to enhance your experience, including covered parking, electricity up to 600 amps, Wi-Fi and cable internet access, waste collection, 24/7 staff availability, laundry facilities, an artificial beach, and various bars and shops. These amenities have established Valencia Mar as a premier destination in the city of Valencia.


  • Seamanship 24/7
  • Laundry facilities
  • Parcel service
  • Yacht concierge service by Valencia Mar
  • Hourly or daily car rentals
  • Electric bike rentals

Valencia Mar has a versatile Multipurpose Room that serves as a venue for a variety of events catering to nautical companies. This space is used for networking activities, training, courses, forums, and other events that aim to foster knowledge and collaboration within the nautical industry.

Numerous companies have already chosen our facilities as a venue for their events, and they have also taken advantage of our unique “Food and Sailing” food trucks. These designer food trucks are available for rent, adding a touch of culinary sophistication to any event hosted at Valencia Mar.

Entertainment options

  • An artificial beach
  • A barbecue area
  • A chiringuito beach bar that is open every day of the year
  • Basketball and football court
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Nautical shops and services
  • A sailing school

During the summer months

Valencia Mar offers an extensive program of nautical and leisure activities during the summer months, which includes paddle surfing, diving, kayak fishing, sailing school, jet skis, boat rentals, courses, and excursions. Additionally, Valencia Mar has renewed its gastronomic spaces, aiming to combine gastronomic tradition with the sea – two of the most important assets we have in Valencia. In this regard, the nautical base has three gastronomic spaces: the Val-Paraíso bar/café, the La Barraquita restaurant with breathtaking views, and the Plan B food truck.

Some of the activities offered at the marina include SUP, diving, kayak fishing, jet ski navigation, and corporate nautical events for companies. Along with these activities, there are also various events such as the Marinera Paella Contest, the Floating Party, Oktober Fest, cleaning of the seabed, and painting exhibitions in Val-Paraiso.