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Eco Valencia Mar

Valencia Mar’s growth is closely linked to its dedication to sustainability, including initiatives related to mobility, cleaning, and waste reduction.

Te marina has implemented the “Eco Valencia Mar” program, which focuses on three areas: waste management and cleaning, reducing consumption, and raising environmental awareness. As part of this program, the marina places a strong emphasis on cleaning and regularly carries out related activities.

  • Implementation of a tidy and clean waste disposal system with clear signs for appropriate waste disposal.
  • Promotion of awareness about unnecessary electricity consumption in the marina to reduce energy waste.
  • Display of posters to guide clients on the importance of cleaning up animal waste to prevent biological contamination.
  • Hosting of a #Protectourplayground sustainability workshop for employees and companies in Valencia Mar, led by Tp52 Superseries, to promote sustainability commitment.
  • Provision of selective waste collection services to enable proper waste separation and recycling.
  • Installation of electric vehicle chargers to support electric mobility and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Utilisation of solar panels to heat the water in the bathrooms and reduce energy consumption.
  • Offering of electric scooters and bikes to customers and employees to promote sustainable transportation.
  • Placement of waste containers at the end of each jetty to encourage proper waste disposal and prevent littering.
  • Provision of wet nets to allow anyone to help clean up waste in the sea and keep the water clean.
  • Usage of LED lights in the covered parking to reduce energy consumption and promote energy efficiency.
  • Installation of solar lights in the “little beach” area.
  • Usage of seawater in our “little beach” area to create a sustainable bathing environment without using chemical purification systems.